KettlebellWorkout is designed for kettlebell sport athletes to use during training sessions. It allows you to specify both the duration of a training set and the rate of swings.


The app opens on the settings screen where you can define the workout that you want to perform. There are three controls to set. Whenever you open the app it will remember the last workout settings that you used.

The three settings for your workout are:

  • Duration - The number of minutes that the session will run for
  • Pace - The number of swings you will perform per minute
  • Anounce Minutes - When ON the app will verbally announce each completed minute. When OFF there will be no announcements for completed minutes

When the settings are right you can press the start button and the workout will begin


The workout will start with a 10 second countdown to allow you to prepare for the first swing. Each second of the countdown will beep. After the 10 second countdown completes there will be a bell to indicate the start of the actual workout. The sounds are so that you don't need to watch the app to know when to start.

During the actual workout there are two displays to show your progress:

  • The Swing Counter - This is a large display of the number of swings that you have performed so far
  • Time Elapsed - The time since the workout began

Each swing will be marked by a sound so that you won't need to watch the app for the entire workout. Whenever a minute is completed an optional announcement will let you know how many minutes are done. There is also an announcement when the workout completes.

During the countdown and workout there is a PAUSE button enabled, which pauses the timer. When the timer is paused you can either RESUME the workout or RESET the workout duration or pace by returning to the settings screen. Returning to the settings screen will lose the current workout progress.

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