We produce web applications to suit specific technical requirements. We are skilled in a number of web application frameworks but prefer to work in Django (Python) or Spring (Java Enterprise or J2EE). We back up the web application with a well designed database, commonly either Oracle or MySQL. On the client-side we can include Javascript, Java Applets, Flash and AJAX (Web 2.0) techniques.

We take an agile approach to development and have a Certified Scrum Master available to lead the process. We also have experience in security testing of web services which is applied during all phases of the design.

We aim to produce web pages using standards compliant HTML with CSS to ensure a consistent performance across different browser platforms. Code is always tested in at least IE7, IE8, Firefox and Safari to make sure the application behaves reasonably in them all.

If you think that we can be of some service to you we'd be interested in discussing it.


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